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Working with individuals and organizations seeking to transform their leadership potential.

The Journey Towards Leadership Excellence

Learn how the expertise of Worthy Retail Leadership helps retail leaders and organizations to understand their true potential to accelerate their performance. We provide executive coaching, consulting and training on a variety of topics including leadership development, talent development and strategy.


WLG offers executive leadership and business consulting in both one-on-one and group settings to help leaders address the current challenges they face and devise a road map for how to move forward in achieving their goals.
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WLG leads half-day, weekly or monthly workshops to help leaders and their teams become better communicators, working more collaboratively, and create a workplace that empowers their diverse perspectives to bring their best to work.
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WLG gives inspiring and thought-provoking talks that leave audiences with actionable steps they can put into action right away to improve the way they lead.
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Leading from a Rock Solid Foundation

At WLG we believe that understanding is more important than speed during the leadership journey. We assist in facilitating this journey through the use of our GEMs Approach.

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