Active Listening. Asking the big questions.


Facilitation is not...

Lecture based. The lecture-based approach is where facilitation fails. There is a constant occurrence of telling, a lack of team interaction, and an environment that makes each individual feel uncomfortable sharing their true thoughts.

WHAT Facilitation is...

Facilitation concerns itself with all the tasks needed to run a productive and impartial meeting. Facilitation encourages collaboration and goal-setting. Facilitation encourages teams to have an open discussion while using experiences and collective knowledge to find the best solutions.

Two of the core tactics are active listening and asking questions.

Active Listening

Active listening is focusing on the conversations and responses of the other participant(s). As humans, we can oftentimes have a tendency to think about “What am I going to say next?” instead of empathetically listening to the concerns and thoughts of others.

When facilitators actively listen, they can then use the information to guide the conversation based on the needs of the participants and not themselves.

Asking Questions

Rather than telling and following the lecture-based approach, facilitators do the opposite; they ask. Questions to spur dialogue that allows attendees to add value to the meeting.

Facilitators take the following into consideration when building conversation:


Open ended questions allows more space for answers. Closed questions narrow the response down to small of a path.

Second level questioning

After an initial question, facilitators ask a follow up question. This will help find any underlying context or content.


If a question was asked to a specific person or group, facilitators spin the question in a form that can then be applicable to the entire team.


Reflecting questions acknowledges the participants’ emotions or words and helps the team feel more connected, heard, and comfortable.


Summarizing with a question or a statement that includes everyone’s thoughts will help the team stay on track and better yet, feel engaged and valued.

Tie back

Tie back questions help bring the bits and pieces of information to light and helps participants connect the dots.

By using these tactics, Worthy Leadership Group facilitators can get the most out of the participants.

What Leaders Are Saying...

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