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Handling Difficult Conversations

Whether with family, friends, or co-workers, everyone loves a good conversation. We like to share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Having a good conversation
is a fun way to create new connections. But how about a difficult conversation? Would you still be willing to spend a portion of your time knowing you will have a difficult conversation with someone? Or would you avoid it?

Difficult conversations should not be avoided. Because if existing issues are ignored, they will more likely become much challenging to resolve. Therefore, here are some guides on how to handle difficult conversations.

6 Ways to Take your Team to the Next Level

As a retail leader, it’s your job to make sure you are developing people who can advance to the next level, discovering their strengths and unleashing their highest potential. By encouraging this, you will witness extraordinary results from happier, more engaged people who contribute meaningfully to the company’s ultimate success.

Here are some ways for you to take your team to the next level and unleash their potential.

Steps to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. In most cases, the level of conflict is often minor, and your team can resolve the issue. However, there are instances, when as a retail leader, you will need to step in to reconcile the conflict. Consider the following steps to straighten things up.

Retail Leadership Competency Checklist

Listed within this download are the categories of retail leadership competencies with the skills and behaviors required that contribute to effective leadership within an organization.

Online Courses Coming Soon

We are on a mission to help retail leaders cultivate high-performing teams that are empowered. We have created a community where leaders can learn solutions for our industry’s most challenging issues in a welcoming and interactive learning environment.

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Ready for a change?

Understanding what drives and motivates you as a leader, and the kind of influence you have on your team is crucial to kickstart and accelerate your leadership journey. Discover these elements of your leadership style here.

Our Client Outcomes

Our strategies are tried and tested, and have shown to produce amazing results in building the leadership effectiveness of our clients. Here are ways in which our coaching has reaped excellent results from leaders.

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Leaders growth is accelerated when one belongs to a community of supportive individuals whom share similar leadership goals, values and vision. You can be a part of one too. Here, we focus on community, growth, authenticity and leadership.

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