Our GEM Approach

We equip retail leaders to excel by helping them Grow, Empower and Multiply their leadership efforts.

Get to know our approach to leadership excellence.

At Worthy Retail Leadership Group, our approach to leadership development is broken up into three areas we refer to as GEMs: Grow, Empower, and Multiply.


Every individual or organization that we have worked and will work with already possess a fundamental understanding of basic leadership and personal development skills. Our goal is to grow, expand on, and build on this through:


We help our clients appreciate their individual journey. A vital part of this journey is EMPOWERMENT. During this step in the GEM Approach, leaders enhance their level of self-determination and autonomy to lead themselves first. At WLG, we teach clients that Empowerment in action requires:

Seek to understand before being understood.

  • Copy what is being said. Simply repeat what you hear in order to get further understanding. Repeat it exactly as you think you heard it.
  • Say what you hear. Repeat the words that were said without adding anything new.
  • Reflect on the feeling. Try to understand the feeling expressed in what was said, going beyond what you think you heard.
  • Restate what was said and think about the feeling. This combines stages 2 and 3 in order to understand the message.
  • Reducing negative personalization
  • Reducing fear of rejection
  • Can you stay proactive, not reactive under difficult circumstances?
  • Can you be assertive and express difficult emotions when necessary?
  • Can you express intimate emotions in close, personal relationships?
  • Acute Problem Defining and Solution Skills
  • Problems appear different at different levels
  • Who needs to be at the Solution Table
  • Define the layers of Mentorship
  • Sponsorship – you may never have a relationship with your sponsor
  • How to navigate both effectively over time
  • What? Can you clearly define the Mission/Vision or business/personal problem you want to execute?
  • When? How long has this been a issue? How long will it take to solve?
  • Why? Why is this specific thing a issue? What is this the correct course of action?
  • Who? Do you personal possess the right skill sets? Do you have the right people on your team?
  • What is the result? Did you achieve your desire goal? How do you know?

At Worthy Retail Leadership, we guide our clients through this critical step to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence to effectively support those you lead.


The three critical factors to the final GEM are:

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